Speed Run


  • 1st place at the end of the competition will be awarded $100 USD.
  • The speed run competition will run from 11:00 a.m. PST January 21, 2022 until 11 a.m. PST February 16, 2022.
  • Participation is open to the public
  • A top 10 table with links to YouTube videos of runs will be updated daily, during the length of the competition, at the game’s website.
  • Follow @CinderEnterpri1 on Twitter for Speedrun tips throughout the competition.

Official Rules

  1. Participants must use a speed run version of the game. This version is currently available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android (via the Amazon App Store).
  2. Participants must activate the Speed Run option via the menu for recording their time.
  3. Participants must screen record their speed run from the beginning of the game until when the timer stops at the end of the credits.
  4. Cheating or attempted cheating, by trying to circumvent or misrepresent the in game timer, will disqualify a participant.
  5. Recordings of speed runs must be uploaded to YouTube and a link to the itch.io store and a link to these speed run rules must be included in the description.
  6. A submission to the game page on Speedrun.com must be made.
  7. A Twitter post must be made linking to the YouTube video and include the following hash tags: #ElementsOfDreamsGame #SpeedRun #HundredDollarPrize #IndieGame #RetroStyleGame #ActionRPG
  8. Participants cannot be someone listed in the credits of the game or a friend or family member of any employee of the development company (Cinder Enterprises LLC). 
  9. Participants may make submissions multiple times during the length of the competition, with their best time submitted by the end date being the one used.
  10. Reach out via the contact form on this website if you have made a submission that is not viewable on Speedrun.com within 24 hours of submitting it (please provide links to the YouTube video and Twitter post in the details).

Top Times

PlaceAliasTimeYouTube Link
1JaekRock375 secBest Run
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